Snow Removal and Snow Route

Information on City Snow Removal and Snow Routes

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Treating Streets During Snow and Ice Events 

In advance of many snow/sleet conditions (if the storm starts as rain we can not pre-treat, as it will wash down the sewers), we pre-treat our snow routes with a brine solution, creating a chemical barrier between the pavement and the ice/snow which slows down the freezing of precipitation on roadways.

Once snow begins to fall, the plow/salt trucks make their rounds treating and plowing as needed. Our crews work 12 hour shifts, to allow round the clock plowing/treating if necessary.  Our main emphasis is first on arterial routes, followed by secondary routes.  In most St. Louis storms, which are under 6 inches of snowfall, we work the arterial and secondary routes in unison.  Once we have a handle on these, we move into the hill routes (streets with a slope of 8 degrees or more).  You are advised to not park on a snow route when snow is forecasted, as your vehicle may get blocked by the plowed snow.

If the forecast calls for several days of below-freezing temperatures and little sunshine, indicating the snow will not be melting away quickly, crews will salt residential intersections to ensure safe stopping.   Plowing residential streets is not feasible as the streets are too narrow, often tire ruts are already formed by traffic preventing our ability to push the snow, and the difficulty plowing presents for residents parked on the street getting plowed in. 

We are also piloting a new effort, when snowfall exceeds 8 inches, to clear the plowed snow windrow where side streets intersect a snow route.  When snowfall is heavy, the windrow left by our plows can make it difficult to get from the side street onto the plowed street, so the effort will be to push that windrow out of the way.  After that work is done, a decision on whether to do additional work on side streets (plowing or salting) will be made depending on amount of snowfall and ensuing temperatures.

Below is a map of our snow routes (you can zoom in to view street names).  You may also download a copy of the snow route map or  download an alphabetical street listing of our snow routes.

The above procedures are in place for all snow/ice events in the City of St. Louis- it is not necessary to call to get your street treated.  However, if you see a dangerous condition  that you feel our crews need to know about, you may submit a request through the Citizens' Service Bureau.


Snow Routes Map

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Arterial   Secondary   Hill Routes

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