Active City RFPs, RFQs, and RFIs

List of Active City RFPs, RFQs, and RFIs

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All City of St. Louis competitive bids must follow Mayor's Executive Order #28 on Minority and Women-Owned Business Participation on City Contracts, Ordinance 64102 and 64103.

This executive order establishes a goal of at least 25% MBE and 5% WBE participation in contracts and purchases when City funds are expended. A current copy of this Executive Order can be obtained by calling the Mayor's Office at (314) 622-3201 or the Register's Office at (314) 622-4145 

All City procurement opportunities are listed below, grouped by topic, organization, and sorted by closing date.

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Construction, Maintenance, and Improvements

Request for Proposals and or Qualifications

Community Development Administration

Residential Development RFPs

Request for Proposals and or Qualifications

Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority

Request for Proposals for New Convention Center Parking Structure
Opens: 04/18/2014 | Closes: 05/27/2014


Request for Information

Department of Personnel

Employee Assistance Program FY2014
Opens: 04/24/2014 | Closes: 05/16/2014


Request for Proposals and or Qualifications

Department of Health and Hospitals

RFP for Health Education and Promotions Campaigns
Opens: 01/23/2014

Land Acquisition, Reutilization, and Development

Request for Proposals and or Qualifications

Land Reutilization Authority

5101-27 Virginia RFP
Opens: 06/12/2012

Land Reutilization Authority

Old North St. Louis Residential Development RFP for Areas B C D E F
Opens: 06/20/2005

Local Government Services

Request for Quotations

Supply Division

Opens: 04/04/2014 | Closes: 04/29/2014

Supply Division

Opens: 04/22/2014 | Closes: 04/29/2014

Supply Division

Opens: 04/14/2014 | Closes: 05/06/2014

Supply Division

Opens: 03/19/2014 | Closes: 05/13/2014

Request for Proposals and or Qualifications

Employees Retirement System of the City of St. Louis

Emerging Manager Non Large Cap Management Services
Opens: 04/07/2014 | Closes: 05/09/2014

Veterans' Affairs Section

Re-entry Service RFP
Opens: 04/02/2014 | Closes: 04/30/2014


Request for Proposals and or Qualifications

Office of the Comptroller

City of St Louis is Soliciting Proposals for Cost Allocation Consulting Services
Opens: 04/22/2014 | Closes: 05/09/2014

Transportation, Infrastructure, and Utilities

Request for Proposals and or Qualifications

St. Louis Development Corporation

Request for Proposals for Project Management Consulting Services
Opens: 03/13/2014 | Closes: 05/07/2014

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